Grimme-Prize for Carl Gierstorfer (Writer/Director) and Antje Boehmert (Executive Producer).

A deeply human story of one Liberian community’s fight for survial against Ebola. Revealing the human toll of the disease. 

What is democracy in a country like Hungary, where the poor and weak are increasingly stigmatized? Where every third citizen lives under the bread line and homelessness is against the law? A group of homeless people and activists confront the authorities to defend their right to shelter. 

Sixteen-year-old Sepideh wants to become an astronaut. She spends the cold nights in provincial Iran exploring the secrets of the universe through her telescope; her family, meanwhile, will do anything to keep her on the ground.  But Sepideh’s resolve knows no bounds.

“I am Hercules” is a portrait of a timeless place, fixated on the ideals of Roman Gods, immortality, ancient beauty standards, and healing waters. After a painful transition from Communism to Capitalism in a time of crisis, Baile Herculane represents a whole society’s search for wellbeing.

The story of the unknown pre-history of the AIDS virus, long before people started to die in the US and Europe. Following a team of scientists we uncover a medical archive in the Democratic Republic of Congo that tells of an epidemic a two decades before we knew about the novel killer.

Three countries: one case of deadly violence in each. Three men who have killed and three families who have lost a loved one and their numerous ways of coming to terms with trauma. A film about the pain of loss and how it can be overcome by something other than retribution and retaliation.

In Europe, 119 million people live in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion, earning under 60% of the average national income in their countries.

It’s more but economics: Poverty poses a fundamental threat to the European Project.

More than a film about filmmaking, this is a story about the audacity of trying to build a better world in the midst of the most devastating conflict in human history.

The emotionally charged story is narrated by John Lithgow, and told through rare and evocative archival materials.

Polish filmmaker Michał Wnuk finds a box of 120 Agfa Photographs and 2 reels of 16mm film from World War II. Michał embarks on a journey to find the story of the Agfa Box. A ‘historical whodunnit’ full of twists and turns, as a piece of family history enters the stage of the 20th century’s major events.

Nominated for Germany’s Grimme-Prize.

27-year-old Khadija wants to lead a life according to the Quran and wears a headscarf. In fact, until recently her name was Tatjana – she converted to Islam in Moscow. A young woman fighting to find her place in Russia’s orthodox society.

The story of the war on cancer spans centuries and continents.

The film is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee and tells the complete story of cancer, from its first description to modern research.

European CIVIS Prize.

“Refugee 11″ are 27 players from 15 countries. They don’t speak the same language; they couldn’t be more different.

A story of hope and acceptance, the magic of soccer and the realms of the possible…

Siberia is inhospitable – it always has been. Crossing it today is little different from 100 years ago when Lajos Petho escaped a Siberian POW camp to walk home to Budapest. A century later, his grandson Ludovic Petho walks in his grandfather’s footsteps in a year-long adventure to connect with a man he never met. 

Even now, 150 years since the country opened itself up to the world in 1868, there is something uniquely special and particular about Japan, something which seems to survive its hectic pace, hyper-modern technology and mega-metropolis of Tokyo, all hallmarks of the age of globalization. A journey in search for the Japanese Soul.

One in six villagers in the village of Adamshope is a member of the local fire brigade – voluntarily. But: new recruits are desperately needed.

The film takes a cheerful look at a serious issue in Germany, three quarters of all fires are fought by voluntary fire fighters.